Using Allegro and the Design Assistant

On the department PC's:

  • Although the Design Assistant was installed, system configuration has changed and it no longer works. You must therefore fix this problem by making a personal copy of Allegro and the Design Assistant. The fix is easy. Just copy the Allegro directory to your network drive by copying (with copy & paste) from C:\Program Files\Allegro to F:\Allegro. After copying, you can start the Design Assistant by executing "design.exe." For your convenience, you may wish to create a shortcut.

  • DO NOT SAVE TO THE C:\ DRIVE!!! If you attempt to save to this drive, the application will be terminated and your work will be lost.

  • Alternatively, you can directly download Allegro and its Design Assistant and save them on your personal workspace (your F drive).

    At home:

    You may download Allegro and its Design Assistant for use at home, provided you accept the license agreement. Both programs must be installed in order to use the Design Assistant.