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CS652: Information Extraction and Integration

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Spring 2004

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David W. Embley

      Office: TMCB 3364
      Phone:  (801) 422-6470
      Email:  embley@cs.byu.edu
      Office Hours: TBA

Yihong Ding

      Office: TMCB 2262
      Phone:  (801) 422-7604
      Email:  ding@cs.byu.edu
      Office Hours: TBA

Course Requirements

Course Objectives and Content



Based on total points, final grades will be calculated as follows:
                        A  93.3-100%    A- 90-93.2%
        B+ 86.7-89.9%   B  83.3-86.6%   B- 80-83.2%
        C+ 76.7-79.9%   C  73.3-76.6%   C- 70-73.2%
        D+ 66.7-69.9%   D  63.3-66.6%   D- 60-63.2%
                        E  Below 60%
        I, W, UW: given according to University Policies                

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity

All homeworks and exams must be solved and written independently, or you will be penalized for cheating. The BYU Student Honor Code prohibits plagiarism. All BYU students are responsible for reading and following the Student Honor Code.

In this course we encourage students to study together. This includes discussing general strategies to be used on individual assignments. However, all work submitted for the class is to be done individually.

Some examples of what is not allowed by the conduct code: copying all or part of someone else's work (by hand or by looking at others' files, either secretly or if shown), and submitting it as your own; giving another student in the class a copy of your assignment solution; consulting with another student during an exam. If you have questions about what is allowed, please discuss it with the instructor.

Students who violate University standards of academic integrity are subject to disciplinary sanctions, including failure in the course and suspension from the University. Since dishonesty in any form harms the individual, other students, and the University, policies on academic integrity will be strictly enforced. We expect you to familiarize yourself with the Academic Integrity guidelines.

Violations of the Student Honor Code will be filed with the Honor Code Office.

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