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16th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER'97)

Los Angeles, California, USA

3 - 6 November 1997

ER'97 Workshop 1:
Conceptual Modeling in Multimedia Information Seeking

Workshop 1 Chair
Organizing Committee
Carlo Meghini
Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Informazione
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Via S. Maria, 46, I-56126 Pisa, ITALY
56126 Pisa, ITALY
email: meghini@iei.pi.cnr.it
phone: +39.(0)50.593405
fax: +39.(0)50.554342
James Allan (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Peter Bruza (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Yves Chiaramella (University of Grenoble, France)
Norbert Fuhr (University of Dortmund, Germany)
Ramesh Jain (University of California, San Diego, USA)
Carlo Meghini (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy) (chair)

Important Dates
Submission Deadline:
15 August 1997 (extended)
31 August 1997
6-7 November 1997

Information retrieval is now witnessing a booming interest in the light of the ever-growing amount of information repositories available on both local and, especially, distributed platforms, including the Web and the Internet at large. The availability of multimedia documents has given a new twist to information retrieval research, unfortunately setting even farther in the future the time in which generalized, completely automatic indexing methods will be available that allow the answering of content-based queries. If a system really capable of fully automatic recognition of "Authoritative sources on the social impact of nuclear waste disposal" seem currently out of reach, even more so for needs of "piano sonatas in styles influenced by art nouveau", "cubist paintings representing violins" or "scenes on sieges from war movies". While in a few decades these information needs might be satisfied by fully automatic systems, for today and tomorrow we will have to make do with systems relying on a mixture of automatic, semi-automatic and manual indexing methods, as it is only through manual intervention that it is possible to inform a retrieval system of the ins and outs of a document.
In this respect, an important contribution to multimedia information seeking may come from the conceptual modelling and knowledge representation communities, as these have been developing formal and semi-formal languages and methodologies for the representation of information and for the conceptualization of an application domain. It is expected that, in the mid to long term, successful information seeking systems will have to be based on the close interplay of manually (or semi-automatically) created representations of document content based on conceptual modelling technology, and the automatically created representations of document form of the information retrieval tradition. The workshop may prove instrumental in fostering the cross-fertilization between the more content-minded conceptual modelling community and the more form-minded information retrieval community.

The workshop will be centred around all aspects of the application of conceptual modelling and knowledge representation methodologies and techniques to information filtering, gathering and retrieval. Principal topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
Conceptual models for the retrieval of text, graphics, image, video, and audio data
Conceptual models for multimedia document representation and retrieval
Tools for automating the conceptual representation of documents
Metadata in information seeking
Knowledge-based information filtering, gathering and retrieval
Methodologies for the integration of knowledge-based and traditional document retrieval

Paper Submission
Authors are invited to submit via e-mail a self-contained LaTeX or PostScript version of a position paper, including an abstract of up to 150 words, to the workshop chair.
The submission should not exceed ten pages (in standard article style) and must be received by July the 20th, 1997. An e-mail address and the fax number for the contact author should be included.
Attendees at this workshop must register for the ER'97 conference and must also pay an additional workshop registration fee.

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