ER'97 Workshop on Conceptual Modeling
in Multimedia Information Seeking

Presented Papers

A Multiple-Interpretation Framework for Modeling Video Semantics,
C.A.Lindley (CSIRO Mathematical and Information Science, Australia) (uncompressed PostScript, 578K)

Web Document Modelling and Clustering,
W.W. Song (SISU, Sweden) (uncompressed PostScript, 69K)

A novel approach to querying the Web: Integrating Retrieval and Browsing,
Z. Lacroix, A. Sahuguet, R. Chandrasekar and B. Srinivas
(University of Pennsylvania) (uncompressed PostScript, 915K)

Browsing Navigator for Efficient Multimedia Information Retrieval,
T.Kakimoto and Y.Kambayashi (Fujitsu Lab. and Kyoto University) (uncompressed PostScript, 1.1MB)

Multimodal Integration of Disparate Information Sources with Attribution,
T.Y.Lee and S.Bressan (MIT-Sloan School of Management) (uncompressed PostScript, 357K)

Formal Model for the Integration of Data in Complex Structure,
Y.Kambayashi and S.Meki (Kyoto University) (uncompressed PostScript, 127K)

Index Generation and Advanced Search Functions for Multimedia Presentation Material,
Y.Kambayashi, K. Katayama, Y. Kamiya and O. Kagawa (Kyoto University) (uncompressed PostScript, 3.8MB)

Modelling Multimedia and Hypermedia Applications using an E-LOTOS/MHEG-5 Approach,
P.N. Maia Sampaio and W. Lopes de Souza (Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos, Brazil) (uncompressed PostScript, 548K)

The original repository of these papers is in Italy, at If you are in Europe, you will probably find it faster to access these papers from the original site.