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objectdatabasedevelopment.jpg (14021 bytes)Object Database Development : Concepts and Principles
by David W. Embley, Brigham Young University
Addison-Wesley Computer Science, 1997
ISBN: 0-201-25829-3, (C)1998, 896 pages, hardcover

Object Database Development focuses on core principles and concepts that provide a sound theoretical foundation for database application development. This book takes an object-oriented approach to modeling and developing database applications, and provides a seamless way to move from analysis through specification and design into implementation.

David Embley shows how to model an application ontologically and systematically transform an application model into code. This book also presents several case studies using ORACLE, UniSQL, O2, ObjectStore with Java, and Ode that show how to turn theory into practice.

Object-Oriented Systems Analysis : A Model-Driven Approach
by David W. Embley, Barry D. Kurtz, Scott N. Woodfield
Yourdon Press Computing Series, 1992
ISBN: 0-136-29973-3, (C)1992, 302 pages, hardcover

An introduction to powerful methods for accurate and complete system analysis and specification.

Book News, Inc., 08/01/92:
"Describes an approach to understanding how a software system, such as a traditional data base or a real-time scientific system, should work, before you begin designing it with your favorite design technique and programming language." (Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Oregon.)