Installation Guide for the Object Shuffling Simulation

Getting the Installation Set

The executables and code for the object shuffling experiments were developed in the OSM Lab at Brigham Young University. These experiments come "as is." They are currently compiled and available for the following platforms:

HP 9000/700 HP-UX 9.X ( shuffling.tar.gz)
HP 9000/700 HP-UX 9.X ( shuffling.src.tar.gz)

These installation file sets are also available through anonymous ftp to in the object_shuffling subdirectory.


The installation file set contains the following files:


You must read the license agreement before downloading.

After reading the license agreement and downloading the installation file set, uncompress the file set and extract the contents of the tar file into a directory you have chosen for installation. For example:

    cd object_shuffling
    -- use anonymous ftp to download the installation file set
    gunzip shuffling.tar.gz
    tar xvf shuffling.tar

Bug Reports

There are bugs in the object shuffling simulation. This is a research project, and you will find bugs and/or quirks as you use this software. You may send bug reports and other suggestions to

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